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Join local chili teams in this annual braggin’ rights competition and fundraiser naming the Best Chili in the Bay with proceeds benefitting Friends of the Riverwalk in their effort to complete and activate Tampa’s Riverwalk.

24th Annual Steve Otto Chili Cook Off Registration Form -
Grab your spices, gather your team and enter today!
Saturday, November 16, 2013 from 5 – 10 p.m. 


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Registration Forms must be accompanied by payment (checks made payable to EventFest, Inc. at 1200 West Cass Street, Suite 110, Tampa, FL 33606) or through credit card (please call EventFest at 813-251-3378(FEST) to process a credit card payment, all credit card transactions will include an additional 5% convenience fee).


Steve Otto’s Chili Cook-off Rules and Regulations

People’s Choice Award Rules and Information


Chili Cook-off Awards